Your Rational electric 5 senses 6 pans for only 7315 Euro

Your Rational electric 5 senses 6 pans for only 7315 Euro - NovaTec Impianti


Among the 7 functioning methods the automatic one straightlyn recognize the specific feature of the product, the dimension of the food to be cooked an the loaded quantity. Cooking time, temperature and microclima of the interiors are constantly adapted caring about the required results.

VAT and DELIVERY are not included.


 Novatec is the leader company in the field of the professional catering. It can offer his widely growing customers projects and custom made plants to meet the requirements of the final customer. A good professional kitchen units can grant the success of a restaurant and Novatec, well aware of this fact, is able to claim the honour of having installed top quality catering plants since 1996, which have remarkably contributed to the present fame of some restaurants.

The prestigious factory care about the interiors style as well following the works until the delivery of a refined products checked in all details. The company can provide the supplies at the quickest meeting the restaurant requirements.


The factory Novatec is also engaged in the assembly and laying of the kitchen units and provides the customer with all water, electricity etc. network in a safe and rapid way.

Furthermore the company, not only supply catering plants designed ad hoc but also cares about the shop fittings in the field of catering at the best for what the typology of the restaurants require. The kitchen units are furnished with the most update machineries at high performance and low consume. The catering super modern equipments are ,in fact, the pride of the company which over the years have made it grow to be now a leader company in the field.


Novatec is able to provide all kind of catering plants for restaurants, gourmet shops, pizza houses not to mention labs equipped at the best for bakeries, cafeterias, and bars.

All types of industrial kitchen units designed by the factory are characterized by the use of easy-cleaning materials and don’t need particular care to be kept efficient and in good condition for long years.


In case you want to build or renovate a pizza-house Novatec will provide you with the oven which meets your top quality requirements and the pizza counter where it is possible to exhibit all products granting the utmost hygienically safety.


Furthermore novatec gives the owner a well finished products after making testing and a suitable training to the staff in loco about the correct use of the various components.


Novatec has its main branch in via Minghetti 1, Collegno (Torino), but can offer its service in the outbach and inback of the city. The company inspect places before making an accurate and precise estimation and its kitchen units can satisfy the requests of any chef.


The following are the factories who rely on our activity.



For further information please contact via e-mail or call 011 4081420.

Project and catering furniture advises

Project and catering furniture advises - NovaTec Impianti

Thanks to the information got in the interaction with the customer, we study the best furniture disposal to cope with the flux during the various stages of the dishes preparation.

We also utilize the room, caring about what can make the cleaning easier.

We choose specific technologies to enhance the customer’s productivity without disregarding performance and energy saving.

Installation and technical equipment service

Installation and technical  equipment service - NovaTec Impianti

Installation and equipment for catering:

Our professional staff is encharged with positioning, assembling, links to the energy networks and testing also providing committed and accurate formation for the correct use of the machineries.


Technical service on all catering plants:

Such service is given with competence and in a fast way on the plant of all brands present in your professional kitchen.

Rent Your Rational Five Senses 101 Gas

Rent Your Rational Five Senses 101 Gas - NovaTec Impianti


In the 7 functioning methods, the automatic one straightle distinguish the specific feature of the product, the size of the food to be cooked, and the loaded quantity. The cooking time and the microclimate of the room are constantly adapted according to the required purposes. The left cooking time is visualized.


- Steam between 30° C and 130° C

- Warm air from 30°C to 300° C

- Matching steam and warm air 30° C -300° C

Hi Density Control

Patented distribution of energy inside the cooking room.

Efficient Level control

Mixed loading with self-monitoring of the sheves and adjustment of the cooking time for each shelf

according to the loading.

Care control

Cleaning system and intelligent maintenance.

Service Diagnose System


Feeding (supply): 230V/1N/50HZ

Gas Power: 22 KW

Capacity: 10 pans GN 1/1 o 20 pans GN ½

Size: mm.847 x 771 x 104 2h

Monthly fee Euro 318,93 plus VAT Full Risk guarantee